Luiza Daianu

Where are you from? I am from Timisoara , Romania
Where do you live now? I live in Timisoara
How old are you? I am 22
Where do you work/study? I studied Photography and work as an independent photographer
Is there someone famous that you admire? I admire Peter Mckinnon, because i’m passionate about vlogging and filming and taking photos.
Favorite Book: Inteligenta emotionala (It’s a Romanian book)
Favorite Movie: Inception
Pets: I have a cat
Favorite Social Media Platform (IG, FB, TikTok, Snap): IG , @daianuluiza
What are your goals for social media? I hope to get at least 10k followers per year
Do you want to be an Influencer to make money? No, I make my money with my work and to be an Influencer as my passion.
How do you grow your audience? I try and post engaging content almost everyday.
Are you in a relationship? Yes
Dating Rules: Respect each other
Turn-ons: Intelligence
Turn-offs: Stupidity
People Say I Look Like: Christina Ich (Romanian model)
Celebrity Crush: Justin Bieber
What Brightens My Day: My cat
Never Leave Home Without: My keys
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Yoga
Where is your favorite vacation spot? Paris
What is a guilty pleasure (non-food)? Cigarettes
What is a guilty pleasure (food)? Pasta