Sofi Marrero

Where are you from?

I am from Uruguay and live there now.

How old are you?

20 years old.

Where do you work? 

I am a model and I also as an online translator.

Favorite Book: 

Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

Favorite Movie:

American Beauty.


I have 4 pets, two dogs and two cats. Their names are Lupita, Indiana, Dylan and Manchitas.

Favorite social media platform:


What did you dream of doing when you were older?

I wanted to be a model, actress and dancer.

What is your career goal in 10 years?

To be completely financially stable.

What are your goals for social media?

To be able to transmit good energy to my followers.

Do you want to be an Influencer to earn money?

Yes, being an influencer is a good way to earn money.

How do you grow your audience?

Uploading content that I think is interesting to my followers.

Are you in a relationship?



A smart boy.


A rude person.

Perfect date:

A dinner outside with good music on a hot night.

Celebrity Crush:

Brandon Flynn .

What brightens my day:

Drinking a delicious smoothie!

Never leave home without:


Favorite outdoor activity:


Where is your favorite vacation spot?

In Uruguay, I love Punta del Este.

What is a guilty pleasure (non-food)?

Cancel plans to stay in and sleep.

What is a guilty pleasure (food)?

I have a sweet tooth and love dulce de leche.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I think I can act very well haha.

What is your favorite seasoning?


What is your favorite sports team?

Club Nacional de Football – a football team in Uruguay.