Kimberly Perlman

Where are you from?

 LA baby

Where do you live now?

LA. I lived in a couple different cities for college and meeting people from all over the world made me realize just how grateful I am to have grown up in such a diverse and culturally rich location.

How old are you?

I am 23 years old.

Astrological sign


Where do you work? 

I’m about to graduate from San Diego State University with a film degree. I’m an entertainment host/ intern at The Ball Out. I also do social media marketing and other side projects.

Is there someone famous that you admire?

Emily Ratajowski is so gorgeous and I love her activism and apparel line. Anyone that uses their platform to promote real world issues or charity is extremely admirable.

Favorite Book: 

 The Day of the Locust, Helter Skelter, and Being There.

Favorite Movie:

I have to watch at least 5 films a week for school, work, and pleasure. But as of now Belle du Jour (Buñuel, 1967) and Mulholland Drive (Lynch, 2001). For more film reviews and recommendations check out


I have one adopted yorkie named Scruffy. He just got attacked by two dogs and has been having some health issues but has been doing so much better and we’re so thankful!!

What did you dream of doing when you were older?

I always wanted to be a supermodel but I’m 5’4”  🙁

What is your career goal in 10 years?

I want to work in the film industry, hopefully in the wardrobe department. However, I love social media marketing and fashion and the career I’ll have may not even exist yet!

Do you want to be an Influencer to make money?

I do social media marketing from the brand side now and understand the value of influencer marketing. It is such a special feeling when companies I could never afford but adore send me gift packages. I’ve discovered so many small businesses and love speaking to their teams! If a brand sends me something I will be their biggest cheerleader for YEARS and hype them up to everyone I talk to! 

How do you grow your audience?

I truly believe that people are starting to gravitate towards authenticity. Instagram has the potential to be a competition of comparison if you make it that way. There are literally millions of pretty girls who will show more skin and have better vacations and clothes than you. And that is okay! Now that I research social media analytics, it really is a science. Engage with your followers and comments within the first few hours so the algorithm picks it up. Tag locations and brands you are wearing. I don’t believe in “filler posts” or just posting to post.

Are you in a relationship?

No I’m single hmu!

Dating Rules:

Make a girl feel special! It’s not about how much you spend. A guy bought me roses outside a bar and I kept them on top of my dresser until they rotted away. Always pick her up and take her home.


I like really really really tall guys. And you have to be funny.

What’s “tall”:

Don’t want to break anyone’s heart so let’s say at least 6’5” minimum.


Bragging about your car or name dropping. Liking other girls’ pictures.

Perfect Date:

I love film and if a guy took me to any of the old time theaters, I’d fall in love.

People Say I Look Like:

Mila Kunis, Bella, and Gigi Hadid. Older women used to come up to me and say I look like Sofia Loren or Cindy Crawford.

Celebrity Crush:

Kyle Kuzma and Jim Morrison

What brightens my day:

I think almost everything is funny so even if something chaotic happens, I usually laugh about it. Also food.

Never leave home without:

Pepper Spray, a mask and hand sanitizer.

Rules To Live By:

Always be kind and grateful! Work hard for your dreams and goals. Success isn’t luck, it is always hard work.

Favorite outdoor activity:

 I love walking and exploring the city. My friends and I will spend the day walking around Venice or Beverly Hills and the health app will say we walked 7 miles without realizing it. 

Where is your favorite vacation spot?

My family took me on little day trips around California growing up which I’m very grateful for. But I haven’t traveled much and now I have something to work and save up for! I speak French and want to go to San Tropez and Italy.

What is a guilty pleasure (food)?

 I’m not gonna pretend that I eat healthy. My entire diet is carbs, cheese, and chocolate.

What is a guilty pleasure (non-food)?

I listen to true crime podcasts for at least 5 hours a day. Also celebrity and influencer gossip pages. I don’t even know who half these people are or why they’re famous but I know every scandal they’ve ever been in.

What is your favorite condiment?

Hot Sauce!

What is your favorite sports team? 

SF Giants, SDSU Aztecs, and the Lakers. My dad is a huge Giants fan (not the Dodgers) even though we’re from LA. It’s controversial.